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14 Sep 2020

Buffettology and Free Spirit Joint Webinar Recording – 09/09/20

14th September 2020

Catch up below with our webinar for the Buffettology and Free Spirit Fund with managers Keith Ashworth-Lord and Andrew Vaughan. What was covered? Part 1: Free Spirit – How...

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31 Jul 2020

Buffettology Fund Webinar at UMS 29 July 2020

31st July 2020

Catch up with Keith Ashworth-Lord, manager of the award-winning CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund at the recent Unique Manager Showcase Series Online. If you would like any further information, please...

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16 Jul 2020

SDL Half Year Round Up Webinar Recording

16th July 2020

Catch up below with our Half Year Round Up with the Sanford DeLand investment team. What was covered? Introduction, performance & flows summary UK Buffettology Fund’s half year review &...

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3 Jul 2020

Free Spirit at UMS Webinar Recording – 30 June

3rd July 2020

Catch up below with Co-manager of the Free Spirit Fund Andrew Vaughan at the recent Unique Manager Showcase Series Online. For more information about the Fund, please email the...

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22 Jun 2020

Free Spirit Webinar Recording With Andrew Vaughan – 19 June

22nd June 2020

If you missed our recent webinar with manager Andrew Vaughan of the CFP SDL Free Spirit Fund, you can now catch up with the recording below. For more information...

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8 Jun 2020

Buffettology at UMS 3 June – Webinar Recording

8th June 2020

If you missed Keith Ashworth-Lord at the recent Unique Manager Showcase Webinar Series, you can now catch up with the recording below. For more information about the Fund, please...

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5 Jun 2020

How both Buffettology funds topped the IA UK All Companies sector over 3 years

5th June 2020

"The two “Buffettology” funds have taken first and second place in the IA UK All Companies sector in the three years to the end of May, with the £10m CFP...

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28 May 2020

Buffettology Fund topping its sector during a turbulent 2020

28th May 2020

As a 5 FE crown rated Fund, the CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund has been recognised in a recent FE Trustnet article as one of the Funds that has consistently topped...

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11 May 2020

Free Spirit Webinar Recording from Unique Manager Showcase Series

11th May 2020 For further information on the Fund, please send us an email or call us on 020 7071 3930.

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6 May 2020

Buffettology Webinar Recording at Unique Manager Showcase Series

6th May 2020 For further information on the Fund, please send us an email or call us on 020 7071 3930.

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