Our multi-step approach allocates our specialised resources into three clear stages: Product Placement, Product Preparation and Targeted Marketing. We look to provide investment managers with tangible benefits throughout the product development and targeted marketing process.

Stage 1 - Product Placement

  1. Qualitative Product Analysis: review of documentation, structure, investment process, company, etc.
  2. Qualitative Analysis: review fund vs. market, benchmark and peers.
  3. Target Market: establish target client types, size and location in the market

Stage 2 - Product Preparation

  1. Product Development: working with the manager and key stakeholders to improve fund proposition, documentation, structure, processes etc.
  2. Communications Strategy: establish branding, market positioning, PR, key messages etc. Ensure coordinated approach
  3. Target Market: categorizing the target market and extract potential “early adopters”

Stage 3 - Targeted Marketing

  1. Rollout Communications Strategy: to target market
  2. Onboarding: assist with platform negotiation and rating agency reviews
  3. Client Feedback: obtain and analyse client feedback and commerce lead generation
  4. Lead Generation: introduction to key interested firms through regular reporting
  5. Ongoing Optimisation: an iterative process, with the ability to re-strategize based on client feedback and market developments

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